International Institute of Business Valuers Presents International Discount Rates Webinar

Toronto, CANADA – The iiBV is pleased to present the next free webinar “International Discount Rates” featuring a panel of renowned international experts: Carla Nunes (Managing Director, Duff & Phelps), Andrew Strickland (Scrutton Bland, LLP), Luis Eduardo Pereira de Carvalho (Setape), Rajeev Shah (CEO, RBSA Advisors LLP), and Anton Lezhja (Value Consulting). Moderated by Michael Badham, iiBV Executive Director, this webinar dives deep into calculating a weighted average cost of capital based on a case study under two scenarios: a small to medium size firm doing business locally; and the same firm doing cross-border business. The diversity of issues raised by our panel from Brazil, US, Eastern Europe, UK and India makes this a “must watch” webinar for Business Valuation professionals.

A few of the topics discussed include which currencies in cash flow projections; company size and country risk adjustments; forward looking inflation and exchange rates in hyper-inflationary countries; and analyzing pools of buyers from a market participant perspective

You can access the free International Discount Rates webinar, as well as gain access to registration for many other business valuation courses on our Online Continuing Education page:


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