About iiBV

Purpose and Mission of the International Institute of Business Valuers

The iiBV, together with its member associations, leads the business valuation profession globally by providing educational opportunities, promoting consistent professional ethics and standards, facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, and encouraging international co-operation and communication.

The iiBV is an organization that:

  • All prominent professional business valuation associations aspire to be a part of;
  • Unifies existing associations and disparate groups with an interest in business valuation;
  • Leads the profession’s thinking in the areas of ethics, integrity and excellence in practice;
  • Facilitates the exchange of knowledge amongst member associations through educational materials and courses, conferences and publications;
  • Offers education to those who want to join the profession and continuing education to existing professionals; and
  • Increases the pre-eminence of the business valuation profession globally.

Strategic Objectives of the International Institute of Business Valuers

The International Institute of Business Valuers has identified five important strategic objectives to advance the business valuation profession globally.

1. Provide Globally Relevant Business Valuation Education

Education is one of the iiBV’s primary strategic objectives. The iiBV offers international courses for the education of business valuation professionals. These courses include valuation principles, valuation for financial reporting and other advanced topics. Delivery options include class-based training with instructors and web-based correspondence courses. As demand requires, the iiBV will offer international courses, seminars and webinars for the continuing education of credentialed valuation professionals.

2. Share Information in Order to Enhance the BV Profession

Member associations of the iiBV believe that they all benefit from the exchange of knowledge through summits, conferences, seminars and publications. To encourage the formation and development of national business valuation associations, the iiBV provides advice and support for establishing infrastructure, by-laws, codes of ethics and policies and procedures.

3. Promote Principle-Based Standards and Ethical Conduct

While the iiBV is not a standard setter, its member associations agree that principle-based standards and ethical conduct are fundamental to the practice of business valuation. The iiBV actively communicates with standard setters, regulators and securities commissions to promote this objective.

4. Speak with a Common Voice within the BV Community and to BV Stakeholders

Where there is commonality of purpose, the iiBV represents the interests of its member associations on global issues affecting the provision of business valuation services.

5. Serve and Protect the Public Interest

A profession is in part characterized by its members’ commitment to serving and protecting the public through the provision of its services. The iiBV Board of Directors agrees with this commitment and promotes only those policies and programs that are consistent with the public’s best interests.

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