Current Members of the iiBV

American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

The American Society of Appraisers is a world renowned and respected international organization devoted to the appraisal profession. As the oldest and only major appraisal organization representing all appraisal specialists, ASA is devoted to providing the highest possible standards in all areas of ethics, professionalism, education and designation criteria.

The National Association of Authorized Romanian Valuers

National Association of Certified Appraisers of Romania (ANEVAR) aims at organizing, coordinating the certification of valuers in Romania, representing and protecting the professional interests of its members, ensuring the independent exercise of profession of authorized evaluator observing professional ethics and a high level of vocational training and promotion standards, methods and techniques of evaluation work authorized evaluators.

Today ANEVAR has more than 4,000 individual members and 500 associated legal entities. It has a staff of six competent professionals and a cadre of 40 trainers, and has provided training to more than 12,000 persons. It represents about 70 percent of all appraisers in Romania. It has chapters in 40 counties and six chapters in Bucharest. It is a member of the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) and the European Group of Valuers’ Associations (TEGoVA). It conducts regular training courses around the country. ANEVAR remains committed to improving professional standards in Romania. It has established an internal accreditation system leading to the designation of accredited member (MAA). In the near future it hopes to establish a national certification system that would be administered by an independent national body, with representation from ANEVAR.

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Business Valuation Resources

Every informed stakeholder in business valuation, performance benchmarking, or risk assessment turns to Business Valuation Resources (BVR) for authoritative deal and market data, news and research, training, and expert opinion. Trust BVR for unimpeachable business valuation intelligence. BVR’s data, publications, and analysis have won in the boardroom and the courtroom for over two decades.

BVR has been at the center of the young business valuation profession since nearly the beginning, and are proud to provide the resources, community, and thought leadership required to meet increasingly rigorous regulatory, legal, audit, and client demands. Today, every informed stakeholder in business valuation, performance benchmarking, or risk assessment turns to Business Valuation Resources.

BVR has helped train many of the current generation of business valuation experts around the globe. Financial experts, whether from the Big 4 or small local appraisal firms, brand-name private capital market firms, or leading academic finance programs, have participated in our best-in-class training programs since 2002. Through expert education and standards, BVR and our clients have contributed to business success worldwide by creating agreement around “fair market value” to guide business strategy, reduce conflict, and provide objective, trustworthy, value conclusions.

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CBV Institute

The CBV Institute is the largest professional valuation organization in Canada and offers the new and exciting promise of ‘informed judgment’ and ‘analytical acuity’, raises the expectation of clients, Members and Students alike. These important concepts capture the distinctive skill set that CBVs bring to a complex marketplace. They define the depth and complexity of our CBV training and the level of our CBV analytical skills. The CBV Institute is a self-regulated organization that, in addition to governing its Members with a strict Code of Ethics and Practice Standards, manages the Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) / expert en évaluation d’enterprises (EEE) designation. Increasingly, the CBV/EEE is recognized as the premier credential for professional business valuators in Canada, with Members providing a broad range of business valuation services to Canada’s business, legal, investment, banking and government communities.

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China Appraisal Society

China Appraisal Society (CAS), established with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, is a nation-wide self-disciplinary organization of the appraisal profession under the supervision, regulation and guidance of the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

The missions of CAS are:

  • To strengthen professional self disciplinary management, guide and supervise standardized practices of CAS members;
  • To safeguard legitimate rights and interests of CAS members as well as protect the public interests of the society, cater to the needs of CAS members, the appraisal profession and the market economy;
  • To assist CAS members in upgrading professional expertise and promoting ethical accomplishments, and elevate public confidence in the profession;
  • To coordinate the relationship within and beyond the appraisal profession, and expand the influence of the profession both home and abroad;
  • To promote sustainable and sound development of the profession in an all-round way.

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The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS)

The International Association of Certified Valuation Specialists (IACVS) was founded in 2000 to provide worldwide support to professionals performing valuations or fraud deterrence engagements. IACVS is the first and only international association to provide such global support.

Today IACVS embraces a broad membership of professionals, students, regulators, academicians and others interested in the field of valuation and fraud deterrence. This broad-basis brings new ideas and discussions on the ever evolving theory and best practices essential to a growing discipline.

For IACVS’ professional members, our core objective is to transfer best practices in both valuation and fraud deterrence. In the valuation field, IACVS promotes the uniform application of valuation theories, approaches, methods and models throughout the world. In the field of fraud deterrence and forensic accounting, IACVS encourages the development and dissemination of consistent and demonstrable systems and techniques for both detection and prevention of fraud.

IACVS pursues its mission through the establishment and support of national professional associations known as Charter Members. These Charter Members represent distinct regions or countries, each with practitioners/members who provide services to their valuation and fraud prevention communities.

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The Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers “Taqeem”

Due to the utmost need to enhance the valuation profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is considered a vital element to secure public savings and fund assets, the Law of Accredited Valuers was issued pursuant to Royal Decree no. (m/43) dated (09/07/1433H) defining valuation as the process which determines the fair value of real estates, ecomonic establishments, equipments or properties of different types for a specific purpose.

The significance of the valuation profession lies in its need in many sectors, such as banks, insurance companies, real estate companies and state bodies in charge of expropriating ownerships. Valuation leads these sectors to important economic decisions, such as purchasing, selling, acquisition, merger, inheritance and partnership division, dispute settlement, compensations, determining investment feasibility and substituion of the like.

The Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers “Taqeem” considers the valuation profession a promising profession in KSA and shall contribute to create many excellent job opportunities. The Authority aims to develop the valuation profession to reach a level par with notable professions, such as medicine, engineering and the like, through setting forth the necessary standards for the valuations assignments of real estates, economic establishments, equipments and movable property and so on. In addition to developing the valuation profession, raising the level of employees operating in such profession in terms of the ethical, technical and professional aspects, qualifying the young cadres via specialized programs as well as accrediting qualified valuers to practice the profession in all valuation sectors.

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