IVSC ANEVAR BV Conference – September 7, 2018

IVSC – ANEVAR European Valuation Conference “Business Valuation in a Globalised World” will be held on September 7, 2018. Business valuation leaders from the IVSC, iiBV, ASA, BVR and IACVS will be sharing their knowledge at this event.

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TAQEEM Graduation for Accredited Business Valuers – Video Highlights

Video highlights of the TAQEEM Graduation held on December 20, 2017.

Carlos Cardoso


Retired KPMG partner Founder and managing partner of Century Consulting, which merged with KPMG in 2010. Mr. Cardoso has years of experience in valuations of tangible and intangible assets, handling due diligence and supporting services in engineering and environmental assets. Mr. Cardoso has a Master in Business Administration specializing in Finance, Business and Intangibles Valuation. He is a Certified Administration Board member by IBGC. As an advocate for standardized business valuation practices, Mr. Cardoso is also a Member of The ARM Committee of the American Society of Appraisers, Brazil Liason Director, and a Member of the Board of the International Institute of Business Valuers (IIBV). His practice specialized in valuation of hard assets, intangible assets, business valuations, business finance and family business counseling.

These courses have been developed for the international market by a committee of senior global business valuators and educators and comprise the iiBV’s Principles of Valuation offerings.

  • Online Continuing Education

    These courses have been selected for senior business valuation professionals by the iiBV’s Education Committee consisting of senior global business valuers and educators. This selection of courses will be updated regularly for new relevant courses. Course Details

  • Introduction to Business Valuation

    One-day introductory course designed to provide an initial overview of business valuations to non-practitioners. Course Details

  • Principles of Business Valuations

    Introduction to the areas of analysis that are necessary to a comprehensive business valuation Course Details

  • Income Approach and the International Cost of Capital

    Brings together the concepts and tools of iiBV 101 with the new material of the income approach and the international cost of capital. Course Details

  • Business Valuation Comprehensive Case Study

    Students work through an actual case study that follows all of the steps of a valuation engagement, from initial contact through the calculations and conclusion of value. Course Details

  • Advanced Topics in Business Valuation

    Instruction covers five timely advanced valuation topics. Approximately one half of the course is in valuation adjustments, including discounts for lack of marketability and lack of control, as well as control premiums. Facilitates the completion of the ASA’s BV designation. Course Details

  • Valuation of Intangible Assets

    Focuses on the principles and IFRS issues arising when valuing intangible assets. Course Details

  • International Valuation Standards & Ethics

    The IVS 2017 course offered by the iiBV takes their best thinking, applies it in a comprehensive case-study format that follows the logical steps of an actual valuation engagement, and provides support materials and a collaborative peer environment. Available in an in-class or online format. Course Details