The International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) Announces Agreement for Accreditation of Courses in Local Languages Accepted by The American Society of Appraisers (ASA).

Toronto, CANADA – The International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) is pleased to announce that the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) will recognize and give credit as having fulfilled the education requirements toward ASA accreditation to students who successfully complete iiBV courses delivered in all languages. The iiBV has completed license agreements with  the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (TAQEEM) and the National Association of Valuers of Serbia (NAVS)  to enable those organizations to deliver iiBV business valuation courses and examinations in Arabic and Serbian respectively, to be accepted by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) as fulfilling the education requirements for accreditation.

This initiative has been started by NAVS and TAQEEM, to provide their students with the best valuation education available in the language of their members. The course materials will be translated, and courses will be instructed by trained instructors, approved by iiBV. The iiBV courses are originally based on the ASA Principles of Valuation courses and have been modified for international valuation, accounting, economic and legal considerations. Under license arrangements, the courses are updated continuously by the iiBV’s team of course curators who are recognized as both experienced business valuers and educational experts. Offering these courses in Arabic and Serbian will help grow the valuation profession worldwide according to best practices and international valuation standards.

Jeff Tarbell ASA, Chair of ASA’s Business Valuation Committee commented that “the ASA is pleased to be working with the iiBV to help accredit qualified business valuers around the world.”

“This is an important step in helping professional business valuers obtain credentials in their own language that are recognized around the world” added Edwina Tam, Chair of iiBV Board of Directors.

The iiBV is continuing to expand its curriculum of courses and to deliver these courses both in-class and online.

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The iiBV, together with its member valuation professional organizations, leads the business valuation profession globally by providing business valuation education courses and course materials at the highest professional standard, promoting consistent professional ethics and standards, facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, and encouraging international co-operation and communication among business valuation professionals and organizations.  In 2017 the iiBV started offering courses on-line, in a modular self-study format.



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