iiBV’s Ray Moran to Speak at the ASA National Conference (August 25-27, NY)


July 9, 2019 

Watch iiBV’s Ray Moran Speak on “A Closer Look at  International  Valuations” at the ASA National Conference (August 25-27, NY)

Toronto, CANADA – The International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) is excited to announce that Ray Moran, Chair of the iiBV’s Marketing Committee, will be participating in a panel on A Closer Look at International Valuations during the ASA Advanced Business Valuation and International Conference in New York City from August 25-27, 2019. This panel will be discussing exciting new developments in International Valuations such as the regional differences in PPA’s, WACC’s, and Rule of Law, as well as exciting news on BV education.

The ASA National Conference 2019 states that “this year’s format has been completely overhauled, promising a fresh, innovative and totally disruptive experience, where valuers will learn and connect with results. Don’t miss this future changing experience”!

For more information and to see Ray Moran on Monday August 26th, register for the ASA conference at: http://www.appraisers.org/Education/conferences/asa-joint-conferences



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