Obtain Business Valuation Designations by Taking iiBV Courses Online


Obtain BV designations by taking iiBV courses online

iiBV’s courses now available globally using Zoom platform to deliver quality course materials and instructors.


Business valuation (BV) professionals can now advance their careers by taking the iiBV’s renowned quality professional education courses that lead to globally recognized professional designations online using the Zoom platform and delivered by iiBV’s outstanding instructors.

The iiBV recently completed the online delivery of iiBV 103 (Case Study course) for valuation professionals from BDO globally. The students were situated in Chile, Europe, and India. The instructor, Zvonimir Petrovic was based in Belgrade. Using the full features of the Zoom platform, including shared screens, break-out rooms, and Zvonimir’s iPad as a whiteboard for note-taking, the students were engaged in learning for 7 sessions of 3 hours each session, over a 10-day period. Zvonimir delivered lectures, helped students work on assignments, facilitated group discussions and group break-out sessions, and invited Andrew Strickland (London, UK) to present on Black Scholes and John Barton (Philadelphia, US) to present on Rules of Thumb.

During the online sessions, students listened to lectures, participated in break out discussions, worked on assignments, and discussed issues and topics with their peers and the instructor.

Student feedback from the course was as high as our in-class course delivery. 100% of the students indicated they would recommend the course to a colleague. 67% of the students responding to the feedback survey indicated completing the course would increase their efficiency and 100% agreed the course would increase the quality of their work. One student commented that:

Excellent and useful experience. The breakout rooms worked really well. Since a part of this course also included a hand-in it had some advantages to do it from distance. Not the same as when we were together in Serbia, but a really good alternative during the circumstances. Better than expected.

The iiBV’s core courses each have 21 hours of content (including a course manual, presentation deck, hand-outs and examples) that is delivered by an experienced instructor through 7 individual 3-hour online sessions. Detailed course descriptions and outlines are available for each course. The 7 sessions of each course can be arranged over any period of time requested by the host to accommodate flexible scheduling. Typically, the 7 sessions are arranged over a 4-week period, 2 sessions per week. This enables the student to digest the material, work on assignments and still maintain some level of client work.

Students completing four of the courses are eligible to apply for the American Society of Appraisers BV designation.

Continue to build the careers of your professional BV team by hosting iiBV courses online and accessing quality learning materials delivered by quality instructors.

Pictured Below: Session Four of BV103 online for BDO (Instructor Zvonimir Petrovic – top left, and students)

Pictured Below: Zoom-Class Instruction Example


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The iiBV, together with its member valuation professional organizations, leads the business valuation profession globally by providing business valuation education courses and course materials at the highest professional standard, promoting consistent professional ethics and standards, facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, and encouraging international co-operation and communication among business valuation professionals and organizations.  In 2017 the iiBV started offering courses on-line, in a modular self-study format.




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