IVSC AGM 2017 – Standards Course Promo

iiBV 201 – International Business Valuations Standards & Ethics

The IVSC issued revised international valuation standards in January 2017. This major revision of the standards will have important consequences for all professional business valuers, impacting the scope of their work and the content of their reports.

IiBV 201 is offered, as either a 1-day in-class course or an online self-study course, to help professional valuers understand and implement IVS 2017 in their client work.

The course leads the participants through the ISVC 2017 International Valuation Standards, and applies the IVS 2017 to a comprehensive case-study of a complex international valuation assignment, following the logical steps of an actual business valuation engagement.

iiBV 201 course materials include presentation slides, a student manual, a case study and an exam.

The in-class format provides a peer-to-peer learning experience, facilitated by an experienced iiBV instructor, while the online course provides a time effective self-study video format under the guidance of John Barton CPA, ASA.

Participants who complete the course will be able to:

  • Describe the role of international valuation standards and a code of ethical principles in the context of global harmonization;
  • Apply IVS 2017 and ethical principles in their professional work and reports;
  • Articulate the bridge issues between established requirements and the new international valuation standards;
  • Lead their practice and clients in the evolution of international valuation standards.

This course is now available in an online, self-study format, in collaboration with our partner, Business Valuation Resources (BVR). Click on the button below to complete your registration!

$199.50 USD/course

Priority Code: PRIOR1731
Videos/Materials: 70 modules
Estimated time to complete course: 5.5 hours of video.
Estimated 7 hours to complete.
Instructor: John Barton