Globally-inclusive business valuation collaboration needed; iiBV announces communications initiative.


Globally-inclusive business valuation collaboration needed; iiBV announces communications initiative.

Toronto, October 20, 2016: The International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) today announced that as they focus on more globally-inclusive business valuation education and collaboration, they are embarking on a more strategic approach to membership and education communications. To that end, iiBV Leadership has partnered with international planning and communications firm Tenzing Communications Inc. Together, the two organizations will define the new collaboration agenda that will be designed to unite business and related asset valuation expertise around the world.

“As accountants decide when fair values will be reported, and the IVSC [International Valuations Standards Council] sets standards on how values will determined, the IIBV will continue to develop and deliver cost effective professional education for business valuers,” says Michael Badham, iiBV Executive Director.

“The iiBV is uniquely positioned to cross borders thanks to its professional contributors and members among the world’s leading valuation firms and organizations”, continues iiBV Board Chair, Edwina Tam (Partner, Deloitte, Hong Kong). “Valuation methodologies may be the same around the world, but understanding region specific issues is key to preparing a robust valuation analysis. We want insight from around the world without bias – that’s where new ideas and common ground will take shape and elevate the standards within our global profession.”

Tenzing’s role in the process is to identify opportunities for collaboration and develop messaging strategies and relationships that will bring those opportunities to light. Tenzing is based in Toronto and London with relationships in media around the world.

“As assets and businesses are being exchanged or acquired across borders, there has to be a new language of valuation that fits, and a new era of equal collaboration through improved communications and education,” says Gary Lintern, President of Tenzing. “Our job is to help the iiBV achieve those goals.”

Planning details and strategies for consideration will be presented at the iiBV Board Meeting on November 30, 2016, with update announcements happening over the next few weeks.

The iiBV, together with its member associations, leads the business valuation profession globally by providing educational opportunities, promoting consistent professional ethics and standards, facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, and encouraging international co-operation and communication.

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