Around the World in Eighty Valuations

A Research Study of Differences in the Approach to and Application of Business

Valuation Theory and Methodology from Different Regions Around the World.

“In recent years, we as Canadian CBV’s and as an Institute have seen a trend towards the “internationalization” of business valuations. As Canadian businesses continue to expand internationally, there have been more cross-border purchase and sale transactions, mergers and acquisitions, corporate reorganizations, as well as cross-border income tax disputes…In the course of our practice, we, the authors, have had the opportunity to review non-Canadian business valuation reports. We have occasionally noted that there are differences in the content of and manner in which the reports are set out, the professional standards that are required to be adhered to, the methodologies employed and the data used for valuation calculations. We were curious as to whether such differences were systemic, based on geography (which we refer to as “geo-professional differences” herein), or based on the facts and circumstances of each valuation context.
This research paper offers our observations as to the extent, if any, of systemic geo-professional differences in the approach to and application of business valuation theory and methodology around the world, and, if so, what some of these differences are, and the reasons for the same”.

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