An Interview with Michael Badham, Executive Director of iiBV.


Michael, tell us about recent iiBV events of interest to our readers?

We had three: Taqeem joining iiBV , the Lively Debate in Toronto, and iiBV strategy for International Designations. We’ve been working with Taqeem for several months, to plan their educational offerings on behalf of the Middle Eastern markets. Soltan Aljorais visited Toronto June 7, 8 for planning discussions, and we’re proceeding with our first educational courses this fall.

The Lively Debate in Toronto, as part of the ASA/CICBV Business Valuation conference, indicated a strong demand for a recognized global designation. Working with our partners in the Education Committees of ASA and CICBV, we hope to have plans finalized soon for the iBV designation.

Are the courses localized?

Yes, we work with valuers, academics and regulators to make the course material as relevant to local markets as possible, while retaining a consistent basis. The initial course material will be in English, but looking at offering in Arabic as well. While we’re discussing courses, we’re also looking at delivery vehicles for our programs, including on-line education. We want to make these as appealing as possible to all generations.

What other regions are interested in offering programs?

There’s a lot of interest from Latin America. I recently visited Bogota, Columbia to discuss with valuers, intermediaries and regulators, and we have discussions underway.

Any plans for webinars?

There’s a strong demand for distance learning, and with recent advances in electronic platforms and bandwith, we anticipate offering in the near future.

You have a reputation as a serious cyclist. What’s your favorite ride?

Col de Fer via Col de Glandon for its sheer difficulty and beauty. 22.7 km at an average grad of 7.0%, and has been part of the Tour de France sixteen times. 

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