The International Institute of Business Valuers Draws Closer to Global Designation for the World’s Professional Groups

Press Release
December 16, 2015

The International Institute of Business Valuers Draws Closer to
Global Designation for the World’s Professional Groups

Toronto, CANADA – Under the leadership of Jeannine Brooks, Executive Director at EPR Canada Group Inc., an association of independent accounting firms across Canada, the Education Committee of the International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) has formed a Special Task Force to consider the details of an international business valuation designation, for member valuation professional organizations (VPO) to offer to their constituents.  This International BV designation is designed to reflect the knowledge and competencies that users of business transnational valuation reports would expect.

The Special Task Force is in the process of preparing a recommendation for the Education Committee and the iiBV Board for consideration. The recommendation covers the following areas: 1) expected competencies and curriculum of the international BV designation 2) delivery mode, description of qualification and qualification process, and 3) roles and responsibilities of the iiBV and the iiBV’s member VPOs in the administration of the international BV designation.  The Special Task Force is on schedule to have a draft report ready for the Education Committee for review by the end of January and it will then be presented to the iiBV Board in February 2016 for approval.

“An international designation in business valuation is exactly what the business world has needed for a long time. It is finally going to happen thanks to the diligence and dedication of the Task Force Members and iiBV. I am very excited about the progress of the Task Force and I am looking forward to the launching of the international designation”, said Jeannine Brooks, Chair of the iiBV International Designation team.

The Special Task Force is comprised of global seasoned professionals.  Chaired by Jeannine Brooks, members of the Task Force include Edwina Tam, Chair of the iiBV Education Committee; John-Henry Eversgerd; April McKenzie; Mary Jane Andrews, Past Chair of the iiBV and Mark Penny, Past President of the ASA.  In addition, the Special Task Force is also supported by Averill Bell and Michael Badham of the iiBV.

The iiBV, together with its member VPOs, leads the business valuation profession globally by providing educational opportunities, promoting consistent professional ethics and standards, facilitating the exchange of information and ideas, and encouraging international co-operation and communication.


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