Program Overview

Our Global Education Program

In order to carry out its primary strategic objective of providing globally relevant business valuation education, the IIBV has developed a business valuation curriculum covering core valuation competencies and incorporating specific IFRS examples and cases.

In each course the material is presented by an internationally recognized instructor, over three days, through a combination of lecture and in-class case exercises. The case exercises are intended to provide practical real-life examples of the theoretical material. The student has two resources available during class time: 1) A handout which outlines the materials presented in the lecture; and 2) PowerPoint slides which summarize the outline and provide teaching point references to the lecture.

At the conclusion of the course, a three-hour multiple-choice exam, consisting of 100 questions will enable students to assess their comprehension of the material. Successfully passing the exam enables the student to receive a credit towards comparable ASA and CICBV courses in order to work towards completion of the business valuation designation offered by the ASA and CICBV.


These courses have been developed for the international market by a committee of senior global business valuators and educators and comprise the iiBV’s Principles of Valuation offerings.


  • Introduction to Business Valuation

    One-day introductory course designed to provide an initial overview of business valuations to non-practitioners. Course Details

  • Principles of Business Valuations

    Introduction to the areas of analysis that are necessary to a comprehensive business valuation Course Details

  • Income Approach and the International Cost of Capital

    Brings together the concepts and tools of iiBV 101 with the new material of the income approach and the international cost of capital. Course Details

  • Business Valuation Comprehensive Case Study

    Students work through an actual case study that follows all of the steps of a valuation engagement, from initial contact through the calculations and conclusion of value. Course Details


ASA 204 is offered to enable professionals to obtain the ASA BV designation. iiBV 105 is an advanced course for practitioners seeking CPD.

  • Valuation of Intangible Assets

    Focuses on the principles and IFRS issues arising when valuing intangible assets. Course Details

  • Advanced Topics in Business Valuation

    Facilitates the completion of the ASA’s BV designation. Instruction covers five timely advanced valuation topics. Approximately one half of the course is in valuation adjustments, including discounts for lack of marketability and lack of control, as well as control premiums. Course Details


  • International Business Valuation Standards and Ethics

    This 1-day course is for the business valuation professional who wants to ensure their business valuation work and reports conform to and comply with international business valuation standards.


Accreditation by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) designation in BV requires:

  1. Completion and passing of passing of IIBV 101,102, and 103.
  2. Completion and passing of ASA BV 204.
  3. Pass the ASA ethics examination.
  4. Submit a report for review and pass the reviewers examination.
  5. Achieve five years of BV experience for the Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation or two years of BV experience for the Accredited Member (AM) designation

Accreditation by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators (CICBV) for the CBV designation requires:

  1. Completion and passing of IIBV 101, 102, and 103
  2. Completion and pass exams in 4 other courses – tax/law, advanced BV, and two electives.
  3. Meet experience requirements of 1500 hours; 750 hours minimum in BV, corporate finance or litigation support related to expressing an opinion of value; the remainder can be in various related areas such as forensic, transfer pricing, corporate finance, etc.
  4. Pass the Membership Entrance Examination.