Importance of Technical & Professional Standards

What is the importance of having technical and professional standards in business valuation? Adam Smith, Technical Director of Business Valuation Standards at IVSC discusses these standards in the final part of this interview series.

STAY TUNED for the interview with David Foster, CEO of Business Valuation Resources, where he discusses providing the business valuation professionals with global education and content.

John Barton

John Barton

Edwina is a partner at Deloitte’s Hong Kong’s Valuation Advisory Services office, specializing in business and intangible asset valuations and corporate reorganization for both public and privately held entities involving mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, financial statement reporting including purchase price allocation under HKFRS/IFRS and US GAAP, tax reorganization, and litigation support.

Prior to her specialization in business valuations, Edwina focused on tax and estate planning for small medium enterprises and provided services in personal, corporate and trust tax, and tax planning in Toronto. Edwina currently serves on the APEC/IVSC Taskforce focused on improving valuation practices in the APEC region. She is a Chartered Professional Accountant/ Chartered Accountant (Chartered Professional Accountants Canada), a Chartered Business Valuator (Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators) an Accredited Senior Appraiser in Business Valuation (American Society of Appraisers).

قام مجموعة من كبار المختصين في مهنة تقييم المنشآت الاقتصادية وتدريبها بإعداد هذه الدورات للأسواق العالمية وفقا لمبادئ المعهد في التقييم.

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    مبادئ تقييم المنشآت الاقتصادية

    One-day introductory course designed to provide an initial overview of business valuations to non-practitioners. Course Details

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    أسلوب تقييم الدخل والتكلفة الدولية لرأس المال

    Introduction to the areas of analysis that are necessary to a comprehensive business valuation Course Details

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    Income Approach and the International Cost of Capital

    Brings together the concepts and tools of iiBV 101 with the new material of the income approach and the international cost of capital. Course Details

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    دراسة حالات تقييم المنشآت الاقتصادية

    Students work through an actual case study that follows all of the steps of a valuation engagement, from initial contact through the calculations and conclusion of value. Course Details

دورة 204 تمنح الممارسين فرصة الحصول على اعتماد من الجمعية الأمريكية للمقيمين، أما دورة 301 فهي دورة متقدمة معدة للممارسين الذين يبحثون عن التدريب المهني المستمر.

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    تقييم الأصول غير الملموسة

    Focuses on the principles and IFRS issues arising when valuing intangible assets. Course Details

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    مواضيع متقدمة في تقييم المنشآت الاقتصادية

    Facilitates the completion of the ASA’s BV designation. Instruction covers five timely advanced valuation topics. Approximately one half of the course is in valuation adjustments, including discounts for lack of marketability and lack of control, as well as control premiums. Course Details